Webpage Designing

A webpage is a page containing information on a subject. As in the above example, a page could be on Ford Mustangs, and another page in the same website, pertaining to Ford Thunderbirds, and on and on.

 Duration6 months 

About this course

A website is a group of webpages that have information in the various pages that contain similar subject materials. For instance, the website would have a name (subject) such as GoodFords.com and have several pages related to good Ford vehicles. The website has a main webpage commonly called the Homepage (index.html or default.html). The site’s address will display the homepage and you can click on hyperlinks to go to other pages on the website.

Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to Webpage
  • How to create webpage
  • Templates
  • Creating text based webpages
  • Design web layouts
  • Creating webpages with enhanced graphics
  • Web Programming
  • Content Editing
  • Web Developing
  • How to upload website
  • Advanced layouts using tables
  • Image mapping
  • Creating Forms
  • Working with frames