PHP is a programming language that can do all sorts of things: evaluate form data sent from a browser, build custom web content to serve the browser, talk to a database, and even send and receive cookies (little packets of data that your browser uses to remember things, like if you’re logged in to Codecademy).

 Duration 6 months

About this course

PHP is very useful language for development of a website. Its advantages had proved that PHP has prepared its way in the world of technology. PHP + web 2.0 are a rich application build in AJAX technology. Web 2.0 had created dynamics like Facebook, Flickers, and Yahoo. These advantages add its importance in website development. Because of these technologies, PHP is greatly in demand by the web developers.

Course Syllabus

  • Basic HTML, Essentials of PHP
  • Operators and Flow Controls
  • String and Array, Creating Functions
  • Reading data in web pages
  • OOP’s Concepts
  • Working with databases (PostgreSQL)
  • Web techniques, File handling