This .Net training course provides an exhaustive coverage of .NET framework and ASP.NET technology features like ASP.NET Architecture, State Management, Master pages, User & Custom Controls and Data Access, Authentication and Authorization, Navigation, Web Configuration, Health Monitoring, Instrumentation, Web Services, AJAX and Deployment.

 Duration 6 months

About this course

This course provides an exhaustive coverage of C# programming language features like Object-oriented Programming, Inheritance, Interfaces, Exception Handling, Reflection, Standard I/O programming, File Handling, Generics.

Course Syllabus

  • Microsoft .NET Framework Architecture
  • Language Basics
  • Programming Fundamental
  • OOP’s Concepts
  • Implementation of OOP’s Concept in VB.NET
  • Component Based Programming
  • Files (Text & XML), Serialization
  • ADO.NET Programming in VB.NET
  • Web-Services, Windows Services
  • Multithreading, Custom Attributes